Today, I realized that I have been so wrapped up in the comings and goings of my mundane life that I’ve failed to post anything in the past 4 weeks! Geez!

Here’s my attempt at an explanation: Guys, I got fired. Yep, that’s right, my diligent ass got the boot, all because I had the flu and couldn’t make it in. Whatever your thinking as you read this is exactly what I thought, too.   

After losing my job, I sort of dove head first into – no, not job hunting – writing a story. Of course, I’ve been job hunting (trust me, I’m not that lazy), I’m just not spending as much energy as I usually do looking for a job to settle with. I’ve decided to broaden my horizons and look for the careers I’m not qualified for. We’ve all been there; in the beginning of our venture toward employment, we’re pretty much willing to do just about anything for a paycheck, and then we want more for our lives. Some of us get lucky and land our dream job without any experience or a degree – those are the lucky ones – and then, there are those of us who aren’t so luck and have to actually work towards a career doing what we love. Inside, I wish I were one of the lucky ones. I’ve been working towards a journalism career for my entire life and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I’m not one of the lucky ones, ladies and gents. But, I love writing (obviously) and though there are times I’m unsure whether I’m any good at it, it’s the only thing I’ve got going for me and it’s the one thing I won’t ever give up on. 

So, what’s the point, Dani?

Here’s my answer: The shit we want most in or from our existence on this grand platform does not, I repeat, does NOT fall from the sky. We have to strive for it; we have to cry, sweat and bleed for that shit. Most importantly, we have to work hard and give a lot for the things we’re passionate about because we know that in the end it’ll all be worth it. I’m on the verge of being homeless just so I can become the writer I want to be.

The search for my perfect place in the world of writers is a bitch but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

So, there you have it, my reason for being such a poor blogger (literally). Fret not, I’ll be back next Sunday with a comfort food recipe for the whole family (including that pesky vegan cousin of yours). For kicks and giggles, I’ve including an excerpt from the novel I’ve been working on, Secrets that Bind (title subject to change). It’s the story of a man with a deadly secret he’s desperate to keep hidden. But after the death of his wife, the very thing he’s tried so hard to keep covered is on the verge of being uncovered and could hurt the daughter he loves. I think you’ll be shocked to find out what he’s hiding. Enjoy!

Namaste and live long and prosper, readers.

Excerpt from Secrets that Bind by Danielle Davis:

Mason got up from the bar and walked coolly out of the lounge.

He had nothing but respect for his father-in-law. Seven years of respect began to crumble into ash after his wife got sick, and a small two month tryst with a co-worker became the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. A man who has an affair is bad enough (he’d already done that), but a man who has an affair while his wife is taking chemotherapy is unforgiveable. Lorenzo couldn’t know the guilt he felt for betraying her. It didn’t matter now. Mason had more than a Castillo grudge to worry about.

The night air, brisk and freezing, made him turn up the collar of his black peacoat. From the curb he hailed a cab. “Mason!” Lorenzo called. His voice commanded his undivided attention. “Listen, what my son’s dis is inexcusable. What you did is not. Your pension for adultery isn’t my concern anymore. You have other activities that concern me,” he said pulling a brown envelope from inside his coat.

As Mason pulled the pictures out of the envelope his father-in-law left him standing in the street.  

(End excerpt)